Best 7 Beaches in the World

I asked my readers to reveal me their favorite beaches. Here they are:

7. Australia

Whitehaven Beach
Whitehaven Beach on Queensland’s Whitsunday Island. These white sand beaches have been chosen the most ecological in the world – and Queensland’s cleanest! [photo: Birger Kühnel]

View of Cape Tribulation from our aerioplane
Cape Tribulation in Daintree National Park, Queensland. Far from any civilization, the only ways to get here are by a guided tour from Cairns or by car. Stay in an eco-lodge in the midst of the rainforest. [photo: Ian Mackenzie]


6. Brazil

Ipanema's Landscape
Rio de Janeiro’s Ipanema is famous for a lot more than just the song. The word “ipanema” comes from Tupi language and means a “stinky lake”, which couldn’t be further from the truth. [photo: alobos Life]
Boipeba Island, around 50 miles South of Salvador, is a dream destination for those seeking a secluded beach. Most of its 15 miles of coastline is pristine beaches. [photo: Danielle Pereira / Miradas]

5. Maldives

Maldives (Constance Halaveli Resort & Spa)
Maldives are some 1200 islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Every resort has its own island, and it’s said to be a divers’ paradise. [photo: Mac Qin]
All the way..
[photo: Nattu]

4. India

Anjuna, Goa (hdr)
Anjuna is a village on Goa that has been a hippie paradise from the 60s. South of the village is a busy beach accessible by a short scooter ride. [photo: Olivier]
Yoga at Sunset
Goa is India’s very own beach holiday destination that is set apart from the rest of India with its Portuguese-influenced food and architecture. It was a Portuguese colony for five centuries. [photo: Dennis Yang]

3. Philippines

Boracay Island
Small island of Boracay is an hour’s flight away from Manila. It’s been lately hit by a tourist tsunami as Asian travelers have found its beaches. Parties are held on the beaches in the evenings. [photo: Duncan Rawlinson /]

Malcapuya Island
Tiny Malcapuya Island is a little North of the much more famous Palawan. It’s mostly a day trip destination from Coron, but there are several huts on the beach that you can rent for overnight stays. [photo: Roslyn]

2. Greece

Halkidiki, Macedonia-Greece
Halkidiki Peninsula close to Thessaloniki is full of beaches. This is Kavourotripes, in the area of Sithonia, where the beaches are more secluded and nightlife not as vivid as in the nearby Kassandra. [photo: gichristof]
Alexandra Beach Bar and Bouka Bay
Zakynthos Island in Western Greek archipelago is a relaxed vacation destination with some nightlife and plenty of peace for families. Bouka Beach is 5 miles North of the town of Zakynthos and one of the island’s more quiet beaches. [photo: Robert Wallace]

1. Finland

Sunset at Gulf of Finland
Finland, why Finland? This was voted on the list by my Finnish readers who all love their cottages on islands and by the lakes, but you gotta admit that the land of 300 000 lakes and several archipelagos has lots to choose from.


What do you think is the best beach destination in the world? Share it on Facebook and you could win a bag from Globe Hope, made of old sails! The giveaway is still open for a week.

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  1. Dear Jenni!

    I appreciate so much your kind attention in sharing this and letting me know you have used one of my pics! You’re very kind!
    It’s always a pleasure to help people communicating!

    All the best!
    Danielle Pereira

  2. So, in India there is a island called the Andaman and Nicobar islands. Those set of islands have a beach called the Radhanagar beach. Check it out on Google. That beauty is just unimaginable :)
    We travelled there last December and can sure visit again. Serene and gorgeous!

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