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Kinderdijk: Holland’s Most Beautiful Windmills!

A couple years ago while driving from Amsterdam to Luxembourg I did what I always do when driving long distances: figured out detours to stretch my legs. I collect UNESCO world heritage sites and noticed one that would be right on my way, a little East of Rotterdam, and soon I was driving along a small road to Kinderdijk, my chosen detour of the day.   Kinderdijk Windmills were built in the 18th century to pump water out of the polder, when Holland was in…

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Frozen Dead Guy Days – the weirdest winter festival in the US

While we were approaching Nederland on a Saturday afternoon in mid-March, the shoulders were parked full of cars already a mile from town. We were in luck and found a spot at some auto repair shop’s yard, which was just a short walk from lakeside, where we could see people gathering. On the way there, we were passed by a pale posse carrying a metal coffin. A little further along we noticed spectators following a sport, where a colorful team was carrying a similar metal…

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Nordic Nomads – Nordic cooperation of Travel Bloggers

Living abroad, I’ve noticed how Finland is strongly associated as a Nordic country, and it feels like I get asked at least once a week if Finnish and Swedish languages are very close to eachother. (They’re not.) Just today an acquaintance introduced me as a Swede, because all he could remember was that i was “somewhere from the North”. When it comes out that I’m Finnish, travelers rush to tell me how they’ve been to Denmark. (Great, almost there!) No, Finland is not a part…

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